RC1548 Rotary Cutter

Mike F. -- Canada

I looked on-line at other equipment dealers, but yours told the right story. Lots of info. Info that could be used to make a proper purchase. Keep up the good work


Danny T. -- Abita Springs, LA

"Thank you, I love it!!" Comment via email from another satisfied customer.


Stan V -- Estillfork, AL

"I have used this mower for only two days and am very impressed. It mows horse pasture as good as a finishing mower and does a very good job on heavy brush as well. I'm very happy with the machine."

RCD1884 Rotary Cutter

Mike A. -- Kirkville, NY

I shopped the other brands before I bought my Land Pride RCD1884 and the quality of construction stood out way above any of the competing brands. This cutter is awesome!!


Earl B. -- Georgia

Nice cut, looks like a ball field. No vibration and quiet. Chops up the material well. Real happy with the cutter.

RCF3672 Rotary Cutter

Tom B. -- North Carolina

Very pleased with the way the product is built compared to Bush Hog and others.  Much better in my opinion.  Purchased from Palmer Equip. in Washington, Ga. with a Kubota M7040SUHD with front end loader.


John G. -- Cleveland, TX

"My rotary cutter works great.  I would recommend Land Pride to anyone!"


RCR1872 Rotary Cutter

Terry S. -- Manhattan, KS

This seems to be a good, rugged implement. My RCR1872 rotary cutter has worked great in my pasture and has no problem handling the light brush.


Another Satisifed Customer -- Location Unknown

This RCR2660 is a tank...I have owned it for 7 years without a single issue. I told the wife if we ever get divorced she can have the house but not the cutter!


Theodore H -- VA

Smooth operating machine leaving a smooth cut in heavy pasture.

RTA12 Tiller

Another Satisifed Customer -- Arizona

My RTA12 Tiller has done (an amazing job in rocky arizona soil) of breaking up the compacted dirt as I till in organic matter. My plot is now light & fluffy. A joy to use!


Mark K -- Pennsylvania

Great tiller! Nice match to my Kubota L3400.


David K -- Pennsylvania

This is a great machine. It does a great job in one pass through my garden


Jeff W. -- Wisconsin

This is my 4th piece of Land Pride equipment and I cannot explain the happiness that I have had with my equipment. It is well built. Thanks.


David Goodman -- Shelton, WA

Over a year pushing this SCG0660 grapple to the limits and beyond. Still going strong.

SGC0660: Most Useful Unit I Have

Michael M -- online

I have the same grapple on my 3901 by far the most useful implement I have. Nice demo for the people that are thinking about getting one.


Rolf S -- Washington

"Wish this implement was available when I bought my Kubota, new,  in 2009.  My Kubota dealer, Adam's Tractor - Spokane, WA - did an outstanding job installing the hydraulic controls for this grapple.  Of all the five Land Pride implements I own - this one is by far & away the very best and provides me uncompromising utility & versatility."

Well Designed and Well Manufactured

Lewis W. -- High Rolls, NM

I was going to buy a John Deere or New Holland, but none of the small tractors are US made. Land Pride Implements are and I love it. I own this WC-1504, a Cutter, Post Auger, Box Blade, and Pallet Forks. All well designed and well manufactured. I tell all my friends that weather or not you own a Kubota, check out Land Pride if you need implements.