10 Pieces of Land Pride

Rob D. -- Wisconsin

I recommend buying Land Pride for several reasons. First, they make good, quality equipment for all levels of users. Second, it's well made, easy to adjust, and reasonably priced. Third, if any issues come up, somebody will be there to make sure you get help; everybody is happy to assist. I learned about Land Pride implements through friends who own or have owned them. I currently have ten pieces: APS15, PR16, LR16, DH15, RTR12, PD15, RCR18, BB12, QH15, and an SGC10.

Buy Land Pride and don't worry. You'll get the quality equipment you need and the service to back it up. I will buy Land Pride in the future as the need arises. As long as I keep getting quality equipment and service, I will continue to be a loyal customer.

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15' Rotary Cutters

Beaver County Maintenance -- Beaver County, Oklahoma

Beaver County, located in the panhandle of Oklahoma, bought 15 Land Pride RC5615s in 2015. This is Beaver County’s second year to purchase RC5615s. The County first bought 15 units in 2013 after Land Pride beat out a competitor in a formal bid process.

After talking to everyone involved in the decision to switch, Beaver County is likely to keep purchasing Land Pride Rotary Cutters, over and over again. They were impressed with the RC5615’s rugged durability, Land Pride’s fast parts availability and proven reliability.

Steven Perry, Maintenance Foreman for District 2 stated: “There is nothing about them I don’t like. They have been a blessing. With the (competitors), we spent a lot of time trying to keep them running. Not with Land Pride! I’ve done nothing to these except grease them. I think we could run these 5 years and not see any major problems.”

Between all three Districts in Beaver County, they maintain over 2,000 miles of roads – times 2 sides, that’s 4,000 miles of road to maintain. Each of the three District offices reported the same thing: “We like ‘em a lot.” and “Exceptional cut quality!”

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5 implements

Jeff Wolf -- Menomonie, WI

Land Pride is a top notch product. I currently have 5 pieces of Land Pride equipment & would highly recommend Land Pride for anyone looking for attachments.


Darrin D -- Iowa

I use my 606NT to plant for deer, turkey, pheasant, quail, dove, and tons of other critters and predators that feed on them in southern Iowa. I spent about half of what this planter cost me over 10 years on other equipment that wasn't EVEN CLOSE to the quality, time saving convenience, and ease of use as this piece of equipment. This is my second year with it. It'll last me forever (and my kids an grand kids and so on).  This thing is great. I know it's GP rebranded but I was so happy when LP came out with it so I could buy it from "my dealer."

Keep it up.


Lee Tipton -- Location Unknown

I purchased a used AFM40 in 1998. I can’t say enough about its high quality. Still going great. Use it every week cutting thick heavy fescue.

AT3590 Series Grooming Mower

Ellis K. -- Louisville, KY

I purchased a Land Pride AT3590 from Jacobi Sales and Service on June 6, 1993. Mechanically it has been a good mower and performed well. I have done my part also. It has never set out overnight, has been cleaned off after every use, greased after every use, knives sharpened and balanced frequently. The purpose of this note is to let you know how your product is holding up and performing. Many thanks.

Big Thanks

Brindle Ridge Farms -- Ridgefield, WA

Big thanks to Land Pride for making the farm life easier! Perfect combo with the Kubota to get after it all summer long!

Disk harrow and Box Scraper

Keith M -- Louisiana

I own a 6-foot Land Pride Disc Harrow and a Land Pride Box Scraper. Your products are built better than any of the other implements on the market. Keep the good work up...Thanks.

FDR16 and BB15

Randall C. -- North Carolina

You have a great product line and it is the only implements I choose to use around my place...

FDR25 and RTR

Mark M -- Prosser, Washington

My dealer (Sunnyside New Holland) let me try the FDR2572 mower before purchasing, and a Machio tiller. I was so impressed with the quality, design and performance of the mower, I sent back the Machio tiller and immediately ordered the Land Pride RTR tiller.

Both machines are impressive, well built, and very well documented, especially the tiller.  I was able to till a 70,000 square foot area in a third of the time with the RTR that it took me to till a 45,000 square foot area with the Machio.

I will probably buy a rotary cutter next from you guys -- thanks for making such great products!


James -- Massachusetts

I purchased my FDR2584 10 years ago. It is a top quality product that I am happy to have bought. Well worth the money and much better quality than the competitors.


Tony N. -- Morden, MB, Canada

Last spring I purchased this mower to replace my Farm King 72" finishing mower.  The Land Pride FDR2584 mower has more capacity and requires less horsepower than the Farm King even though the Land Pride mower is 12" wider.  So far I like the Land Pride mower a lot.


Trent W. -- Texas

Trent replaced his 10+ year-old FDR1572 with a new FDR3690: "Happy owner of a new FDR3690. Thanks Land Pride! It cuts very well and it's a true workhorse of a mower. The quality of components and fit to finish are top of the line."

Finish Mowers

Stevan W. -- Alabama

I have been running Land Pride finish mowers since the 80's. They are nearly as tough as I am. I started with a 60" (I think) then moved to a 72" then an 84" now a 90". They have all been great. The AT designs were ok but all of your rear-discharge mowers are excellent.


Todd P. -- Indiana

I recently purchased your food plot seeder and am very pleased with the way it works and is designed. The 12 volt lift was worth the extra money.

Good Dealer

Anthony M. -- Australia

The dealer from Kentan Machinery was very helpful and knowledgeable. He took a great deal of time in the setup of the machine and going through the features of my RC3615.

Grading Scraper

Jim Hexamer -- Location Unknown

My favorite implement: the LP Grading Scraper. It’s amazing how fast it can make a hard packed, potholed road look new! It’s the ultimate driveway implement.

Grading Scrapers

Ken Briley Jr -- Ransom, IL

I tried other company’s Grading Scrapers but no one comes even close to Land Pride! I use it every day and satisfy tons of customers. What a fantastic

Great Team

Mike K. -- Kansas City

"The Quarles Supply Co. and Land Pride make a great team.  I am glad for choosing both to do business with. I will be purchasing additional Land Pride tractor attachments shortly."


John -- Washington

The GS15 Grading Scraper allows me to perform professional quality maintenance on gravel roads here on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

GS15 Series Grading Scraper

David D. -- Coon Valley, WI

I like the design of your grading scraper product (GS1572) and have heard good things from a friend of mine who has one. I will be purchasing one for my Kubota.


Karl -- North Carolina

I recently purchased a GS1572 Grading Scraper for my Kubota L39 from Herb May at Mitchell Tractor in Washington, NC. I am grading a 7 mile dirt/gravel road to our house. Now that I have had a chance to use the grader, I would like to say that I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Herb recommended this model and he was 100% correct in selling me the right tool for the job. I am looking forward to many years of service from your fine product. Also, you should know how much I appreciate the time and attention that Herb gave to me in making sure that I understood how to use and maintain the grader. It made getting started on this project so much easier. Thank you Land Pride and thank you Mitchell Tractor, your dealer!

My Favorite Attachment

My Cluttered Garage -- USA

For the longest time I didn't have a tractor with a front end loader and it is just so useful and the Grapple is still my favorite attachment.


John G. -- Rhode Island

I purchased the Land Pride PD25 for a horse farm I am constructing in Rhode Island. I could have purchased a post hole digger from Tractor Supply, but was concerned about the low cost. I used the Land Pride PD25 yesterday for the first time and I must say that it performed above expectations. With a 9" auger, we put in 37 posts yesterday and we have about 175 to go. What a great product! I love it!


Tractors Trees & Honeybees -- online

I don’t use this this rear blade too often, but every time I do it puts a smile on my face. Love seeing that dirt roll off the blade like snow.