Service FAQs

The following are answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by Land Pride customers.

Kubota CE Attachments

Skid Hitch

Why are my implements lower hitch pins loose in the skid hitch lower lugs?

You will need to add bushings to take the excess room up. Please see your operators manual under spare bushings.

How heavy of an implement can you pick up?

You can lift 2,800 lbs. at 24" from implements' lower hitch pins.

Skid Tiller

Why is my unit making a clicking sound when it's out of the ground?

It's normal noise.  Being the tiller is bi-directional the tines have room to move to get into the right angle depending on which way the tiller is running.

Is there a certain direction I have to go with the tiller?

No, the SRT has a bi-directional motor. You can drive forward or backwards. You can run this unit as a reverse tine tiller or as a forward tine tiller.

Snow Pushers

My skid shoes are wearing uneven, what is causing that?

Your SSP is not level when pushing with it. You need to keep the skid shoes flat on the ground.

Do I need to run the unit in float?

Yes, not running in float will cause premature wear on the skid shoes.

Dozer Blades

Can I use my Dozer Blade for snow?

No you should not use you blade for snow.  There is not trip edge to protect the equipment.

Light Material Buckets

What type of material can I move with this bucket?

You can move snow, wood chips, silage, peat moss, etc.
What is the capacity of the Light Material Bucket?

The Struck capacity are 30.9, 35.4, & 40.4 cu. ft.


What widths of chain do you offer?

We offer 6”, 8”, & 10”.
What is the proper tension on the chain?

Measure the clearance between top of lower chain and bottom of chain guide.  The clearance should be maintained around 1 ½”.

Excavator Augers

Can I use these as SA also?

Yes you can order a skid steer mount and hose kit and make it a SA model.


Why is the impact rate slowing down?

Check the temperature of the oil.  Your oil is probably over heating or the Viscosity is too low.

The hammer does not stop or has run-on?

There is a failure in the hammer control valve operation.  Check the hammer control valve in the carrier. 

Hopper Brooms

Do I have to take the hydraulic hoses loose to change the bristles?

No you do not.  You can change the bristles without removing a hydraulic line.

Can I use this on a High Flow machine?

Yes this unit has a diverter to take excess oil back to tank.

Tree Carriers

What is the maximum root ball capacity?

The maximum root ball is TC2536 is 36”, TC2542 is 42”, and TC2548 is 48”.

Cold Planers

How long do teeth last?

This will depend on the conditions you are in.  With the cut, material age, temperature, horse power, etc…

Do I have to replace all the teeth at the same time?

No the outer teeth will wear faster than the center.  Take the center teeth and move them to the outside and put new teeth in the center.

Loader Boom

What is the lift capacity of the loader boom?

The lift capacity is 6000 lbs.


How deep will the shanks go?

You have 4 depth settings for the ripper.  You can go 2”, 4”, 6”, and 8” deep.

Road Saws

What is the recommended flow for this unit?

The minimum flow required is 30 GPM.

Silage Defacers

What is the RPM of the silage defacer?

The RPM varies by GPM from 160 RPM at 12 GPM to 335 RPM at 25 GPM. 

Tilt Hitches

The unit will not tilt. What is causing that?

Check unit for debris in the hitch.  Also check your Wear Pads the adjustment may be too tight.