Service FAQs

The following are answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by Land Pride customers.



Why is the ground cut Insufficient?

Your cutting edges are worn and need replaced or rotated.

What kind of oil is in the chain case? Can I use 80/90?

Shell Gadus S2 V220 00 flow able grease.  No you cannot. 

Drag Harrows

Are there different positions for different uses?

Yes there are 3 different positions. 
1 Drag mat:  Tines point up: Gentle action for covering fertilizer & seed, smoothing & leveling soil surfaces, and scattering manure droppings. Excellent for grassy applications.
2 Light penetration:  Tines point down & back: Stronger action for working fertilizer & seed into soil and turf, breaking up and leveling heavy soil, fluff & leveling arenas, aerating soil for faster
dry-downtime, de-thatching pasture grasses, and grooming snow-packed ski resorts.
3 Deep Penetration:  Tines point down & forward: Aggressive action for loosening and breaking-up soil.

Field Cultivators

Do I have to replace the whole S-Tine when my points are wore out?

No the points are replaced without replacing the S-Tines.

Can I use both sides of the S-Tines shanks?

Yes the S-Tines shanks are reversible.  So you turn them 180 degrees to get more wear out of them. 

Food Plot Seeders

What is the capacity of the spreader hopper?

The spreader hopper is 2 cu. Ft. (15 gallons) (100 lbs. maximum capacity weight).

Moldboard Plows

Is this Quick Hitch compatible?

No this unit will not work with a Quick Hitch. 

Pallet Forks

I have a hard time sliding my forks side to side.

Try putting grease on the carrier cross member.

Pasture Aerators

Why are my tines breaking?

Turning in the ground will cause the tines to break or bend.

How much weight can I add to my unit?

The AR2596 can take 2,220 lbs.  The AR2510 can take 2,960 lbs.

Powered Rakes

Why is my clutch burning up?

You have something caught in the roller.  Your ground speed may be too fast, slow down your ground speed.

Ripper Shanks

Why are my tines bending?

Check your shear bolt, it needs to be the recommended grade 5 bolt.

Soil Pulverizers

I have bent some of my spikes, can I replace them?

Yes you can grind off the old and weld a new spike on.

Straw Crimpers

How much weight can be added to the frame?

You can add up to 600 lbs. 

Utility Buckets

Can I move other thing other than Stumps?

Yes you can move rock or other landscape material. 
Grooming Mowers
Why is there vibration and profile wearing on the telescoping driveline?

Driveline profiles need to be lubricated. A thin coat of wheel bearing grease should be applied to the inner tubes of the drivelines at a minimum period of every 50 hours.

Why is my cutting height different on one deck compared to the others?

If you have made deck height adjustments to raise or lower the cutting height, make sure that you have the same number of spacers on all 10 gauge wheels.

What sort of cutting knives are available?
  • Duckfoot type – FM21 Series (Heavy enough to cut 1” material)
  • Fine Cut Knives – FM31 Series (Heavy enough to cut 1” material, but fine enough to groom a yard)
  • Hammer Knives – FM41 Series (Designed for chopping prunings up to 2” think, but can also groom grass in an acceptable manner)
What is needed to set my FDR series mower for mulching?

A set of mulching blades, no other attachments or equipment is required.

What is included in the Mulch Mower Blade Kit?
What do I need to replace my gauge wheel assembly air tire with a solid tire?

You will need the solid rubber tire (814-493C), two gauge wheel spacers (310-329D) and one spacer tube (310-328D) per gauge wheel assembly.

What could be causing the hub on my spindles to break?

Impact damage with foreign objects or the ground can cause the spindle housing/hub to break or blow apart.

What can cause my rotor to be out of balance?

Broken or missing knives. Make sure the replacement knifes are the same length as the others on the mower. This will keep the rotor rotation balanced.

What are the blade options for my mower?
  • Medium Lift blade - medium suction for lifting grass, requires less HP than the high lift. (Standard on AFM4211 and AFM4522)
  • Low Lift - recommended for sandy soils for less soil disturbance and longer blade life. (Standard on AFM4214 and AFM4216)
  • High Lift - heavy suction for lifting grass, requires higher HP in tall dense grass and is not recommended so sandy soils
  • Mulching - Perfect for leaf mulching
What allows my cut material to be dispersed more evenly?

The reverse rotor rotation allows the unit to disperse material more evenly by bringing the cut material up and over. While the baffles inside the deck prevent clumping of material to ensure an even distribution.

My lower 3-point arms will not attach to the lower hitch points, how can I make it work?

The lower hitch points are designed to be adjustable. They adjust in and out for many tractor configurations. There are 2 bolts that hold the hitch plates in place, on is solid while the other one allows the hitch plates to pivot up and down for easier attachment.

How sharp can I turn with my AFM with a CV Driveline?

The CV Joint allows the driveline to run at angles up to 80 degrees left or right. When turns are made with angles greater than 80 degrees this can cause vibration and ultimately damage to the driveline. Over angling the driveline will cause the CV joint to break.

How do I remove the blade hub from my spindle assembly?

The blade hub is threaded onto the spindle shaft with right hand threads. It is not pressed onto the shaft. The hub will need to be removed in a counter clockwise fashion.

FDR Series

Why is my mower leaving a trail of grass on the right hand side?

The issue is probably the amount of material that is being cut. The blades turn counter clockwise, so if you try to cut more material than the unit can handle, you will have a windrow of material build up on the right hand side.

Should the front of the mower run lower than the rear?

Yes. The grass is cut on the front side of the mower and not at the rear. This leaves a better and more consistent cut and aides in better material distribution.

How do you set the belt tension on this mower?

The belt tension is set with a spring and an eyebolt. Tighten or shorten the eyebolt to increase belt tension or loosen or lengthen the bolt to relieve tension. The correct tension is achieved when pressure is applied to the center of the longest run and belt is able to be pressed in about ½” from static position.

How do I remove the blades?

The blade bolts are rh threads and the best way to remove them is by using an air ratchet or gun. If that is not an option, you need to lock the blade in place with a block of wood. When reinstalling the blades, tighten the blade bolt to 55 lbs.

Do I leave my lower arm of the tractor in float when the mower is in use?

You can, but there is already some float built into the lower lugs of the unit.

Flail Mowers

What is the knife tip speed?

The knife speed is 12,046 FPM.

What is the cutting capacity of this unit?

The ducksfoot is 1”, heavy-duty Y blades 1.5”, and hammer blades is 2”.

Can I just replace my knives with a different knife if I want?

No each knife option has a specific rotor and is balance for those knives.

All-Flex Mowers

What is the cause of driveline damage on the All-Flex Mowers?

The most common failure on any AFM driveline is lack of grease on the profiles. Over angling can also result in cross failure on the CV driveline.

What causes the blades to wear?

Sand or dirt is the most common issue with the blades. When high lift blades are used, they have higher wear, and create a sand blasting effect on the blades and deck.

What caused the spindle hub to break on my All-Flex Mower?

The most common reason for hubs to break is impact with foreign objects or the ground. Impact damage will blow out the back of the bearing housing.

How sharp can I turn with my AFM42?

With the rear wheels locked in line with the transport wheels, the AFM42 lets you do a 180 degree turn.

How big of a tractor do I need to run the AFM42 Series?

The Operator’s Manual (which can be found on Related Products Page below) recommends a 30-70 HP tractor because Land Pride is looking at the mower being used in all conditions.

Rotary Cutters
What kind of weights do I need for the optional weight hanger assembly?

Standard suitcase weights. Make sure they are the same brand as the weight hanger assembly installed. There are six weight hanger assembly options available which include: John Deere, Case, IH, Case/IH, New Holland and Kubota.

How often should I replace my skid shoes?

Check all skid shoes regularly. Skid shoes should be replaced when the material thickness is less than 1/8” at any point.

How much does the hydraulic reservoir hold and how often should the filter be changed?
  • The hydraulic reservoir has a capacity of 35 gallons. Hydraulic fluid should be added as needed until full mark is reached on the dipstick.
  • The 10 micron hydraulic filter should be replaced at a minimum of every 2 years.

Skid Steer Cutter

Which motor (low, med, high) do I need to order for my power unit?

First, you will need to know the flow gpm of your power unit. Once you know this, refer to the Operator’s Manual for the motor requirements (manual can be found on Related Products Page below).

What material can I cut and what size?

Any organic material grass, wood and up to 2” diameter material.

What is the chain at the hitch for?

This is a check chain. It is designed to hook to the power unit to keep the mower height 18” and under from the ground height.

What is the blade tip speed?

It varies with the gpm and pressure of the power unit and which one of the three motors that is on the unit. There is a charge located in the specifications page in the Operator’s Manual (manual can be found on Related Products Page below).

Do I have to use the third line and what’s the purpose of the line?

Yes, it is recommended that the case drain line be used. If it is not, you run the risk of blowing an output seal as the spike pressures during shut down are too great. The purpose of this line is a case drain. It relieves pressure from the case of the motor when they become greater than the seals can hold.

Single Spindle Cutters