SG25 Series Skid Graders

SG25 Series Skid Graders


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Grader Blade

Dual height grader blades allow the grader to be adjusted to desired amount of cultivation, leveling, & grading action.

Skid Shoes

Full length, heavy-duty skid shoes are reversible and replaceable.

Storage Lugs

After loading the SG25 onto a trailer, a bucket can be mounted on top using the storage lugs, to save space.

Product Specs

Warranty Information

  • Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
  • Scarifier Shanks, Skid Shoes & Grader Blades: Considered wear items.

Product Manuals

Service FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

My skid shoes are wearing differently. What is causing that?

Be sure you are running in float. Not doing so can cause uneven wear on the skid shoes.

Can I adjust the cutting edge to grade a crown in the road?

Yes, the blade height adjustment can be higher on one side to do a crownG25

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