SBL25 Series Snow Blowers

SBL25 Series Snow Blowers


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Patented Level Indicator

With the patented level run indicator, the operator can visually verify the snow blower is properly leveled before each use.

Hydraulically Operated Chute Rotation

Hydraulically operated chute rotation with sprocket drive allows operator to change direction of snow discharge from the seat.

Product Specs

Warranty Information

  • Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
  • Auger, Impeller, Wear Bars & Skid Shoes: Considered wear items

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

My skid steer has hydraulic flow of 30 GPM can I run the SBL25 low flow motor?

No, if you run that snow blower damage can occur to the motor from the wrong flow going through it.

Do I need to run the SBL25 in float?

Yes, not running in float will cause premature wear on the skid shoes.

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