SRT Skid Rotary Tiller

SRT Skid Rotary Tiller


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Spiral Design Rotor

Bolt in spiral design rotor reduces bouncing of tiller. Rotor can be operated forward or reverse.

Patented Depth Indicator

Patented depth indicator shows the operator how deep the tiller is working in the soil without leaving the seat.

Adjustable Scarifier Shanks

Adjustable scarifier shanks are constructed of hardened steel. These shanks are built tough to rip up hard soil.

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Why is my unit making a clicking sound when it's out of the ground?

It's normal noise.  Being the tiller is bi-directional the tines have room to move to get into the right angle depending on which way the tiller is running.

Is there a certain direction I have to go with the tiller?

No, the SRT has a bi-directional motor. You can drive forward or backwards. You can run this unit as a reverse tine tiller or as a forward tine tiller.

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