SH35 Series Skid Steer Hitch

SH35 Series Skid Steer Hitch


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Adjustable Top Hook

Adjustable top hook helps match up to implement.

Receiver Hitch

The built-in 2" receiver hitch enables the SH35 to be used to pull an implement with a ball hitch.

Automatic Lock

The automatic lock on lower 3-point arms allows driver to stay in the seat when hooking up to an implement.

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  • Overall Unit and Driveline: One year Parts and Labor

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Why are my implements lower hitch pins loose in the skid hitch lower lugs?

You will need to add bushings to take the excess room up. Please see your operators manual under spare bushings.

How heavy of an implement can you pick up?

You can lift 2,800 lbs. at 24" from implements' lower hitch pins.

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