FC15 Series Field Cultivator

FC15 Series Field Cultivator


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Quick-Hitch Compatible

Our Quick-Hitch System allows you to quickly connect and disconnect from the implement - most without leaving the tractor seat. This is a real time saver when working on multiple projects.

Adjustable S-tine Shanks

Shanks can be adjusted to operator preference and to clear row crop such as sweet corn. Heat-treated tips are reversible and replaceable.

Optional Bolt-on Extensions

Industry exclusive bolt-on Extensions expand the working width from 72" to 96".

Rear Hitch Accessory

The rear hitch allows a Drag Harrow to be used in tandem with the FC15 to eliminate the need to make a second pass over the cultivated ground.

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Do I have to replace the whole S-Tine when my points are wore out?

No the points are replaced without replacing the S-Tines.

Can I use both sides of the S-Tines shanks?

Yes the S-Tines shanks are reversible.  So you turn them 180 degrees to get more wear out of them. 

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