BB45 Series Drag Scrapers

BB45 Series Drag Scrapers


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Optional Weight Tray

Weight tray can be filled with 760 lbs. of concrete to help force the cutting blade into the material.

1/2" x 6" Cutting Blade

High carbon steel heat-treated for hardness gives the cutting blade long life. Reversible so both edges can be used before replacing the cutting blade.

24" High Moldboard

Has a high material capacity for doing a lot of work in a short time.See Specifications for actual capacities.

Heavy Side Panels

3/8" Heavy side panels with angle reinforcement on the diagonal are built heavy to handle tough jobs and to keep the side panels straight under side loads.

Product Specs

Warranty Information

  • Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: One year Parts and Labor.
  • Hoses and seals: Considered wear items.
  • Grader Blade: Considered wear item.

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What do I need to add weight to my BB45 Drag Scraper?

The Optional Weight Box Assembly can be filled with concrete for added soil penetration.

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