DRG Drag Harrows

DRG Drag Harrows


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Complete Seeding Package

The Seedbed Roller, Disc Harrow, Electric Spin Spreader, and Drag Harrow can be used together for a complete seeding package. Each product sold separately.


Cold-formed high carbon steel tines eliminate breakage and provide long wear life. Heavy residue surfaces quickly without bunching or becoming clogged. Tines are offset to provide uniform coverage without making ridges.

Product Specs

Warranty Information

  • Overall Unit: Warranted for 30 days against manufacturing defects after retail purchase.
  • Tines & Harrow Blanket: Considered wear items and not covered under normal warranty policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Are there different positions for different uses?

Yes there are 3 different positions. 
1 Drag mat:  Tines point up: Gentle action for covering fertilizer & seed, smoothing & leveling soil surfaces, and scattering manure droppings. Excellent for grassy applications.
2 Light penetration:  Tines point down & back: Stronger action for working fertilizer & seed into soil and turf, breaking up and leveling heavy soil, fluff & leveling arenas, aerating soil for faster
dry-downtime, de-thatching pasture grasses, and grooming snow-packed ski resorts.
3 Deep Penetration:  Tines point down & forward: Aggressive action for loosening and breaking-up soil.

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