RCG4715 & RCGM4715 Rotary Cutters

RCG4715 & RCGM4715 Rotary Cutters


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Gearbox Warranty

7 Year Limited Gearbox Warranty shows confidence in gearbox integrity. (Years 6 & 7 parts only.)

Diamond Blade Bar

Forged diamond blade bar provides strength where it's needed most.

Parallel Pivot Axle

Patented parallel pivot axle gives you unmatched ground contact for improved holding power on hills and inclines.

Spring Cushioned Axles

Spring cushioned axles improve ride and are available options on both center and wing axles.

4" Cutting Capacity

These cutters offers 4" cutting capacity. See Operator's Manual for more information.

Adjustable Jack Angle

Helps keep park jack vertical when in use.

LED Signal Lights

LED lights are bright, long lasting and resistant to vibration, unlike the incandescent lights.

Beveled Skid Shoes

Wing skid shoes are flanged up along length of outside edge. This allows operator to turn without leading edge of wing skid shoes digging into the ground.

Galvanized Deck

Hot-dipped zinc galvanized deck offers durable rust protection for harsh conditions.

Rust Through Deck Warranty

The durability of our RCG cutters is backed up by a 10 Year Deck Rust-Through Warranty.

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