BB30 Series Box Blades

BB30 Series Box Blades


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Side Cutters

Reversible side cutters are manufactured from wear-resistant AR400 steel and are reversible and replaceable.

Precision & Accuracy

With the addition of third party 2-D technology, operators can control grading operations from the cab with precision and accuracy. (See literature tab for flyer.)

Optional Mast Assembly

Optional 82" mast assembly for 3rd party laser technology to control tilt and height of the grading blade.

Product Specs

Warranty Information

  • Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: One year Parts and Labor; Hoses and seals are considered wear items.
  • Grader Blades, Side Cutters, End Panels, & Wear Pads: Considered wear items.

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