RTR05 Series Rotary Tillers

RTR05 Series Rotary Tillers


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Quick-Hitch Compatible

Our Quick-Hitch System allows you to quickly connect and disconnect from the implement - most without leaving the tractor seat. This is a real time saver when working on multiple projects.

Gearbox Warranty

2 Year Limited Gearbox Warranty demonstrates our confidence in the gearbox's quality and lasting performance.

Reverse Tilling

Reverse action ‘sucks’ the tiller into the ground, and does not walk on top of hard ground like forward rotation tillers can.

Stamped Chain Case

Stamped forming gIves the chain cover strength.

Four Tines

4 ‘C’ shaped heat-treated tines per flange. “C” Shaped tines require less hp to move through the ground. Four tines requires less horsepower than 6 tine

Stamped Chain Case

The chain cover is stamped for strength. The formed rear deflector keeps material in and leaves a level finish and is adjustable allowing for various finish results.

Depth Control

Control depth with seven adjustments to the skid shoes.

Product Specs

Warranty Information

  • Use: Strictly for residential use only.
  • Overall Unit and Driveline: One year Parts and Labor
  • Gearbox: 2 years Parts and Labor
  • Tines and Driveline Friction Discs: Considered wear items

Product Manuals

Service FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Why does my Tiller make a clacking noise when I raise it out of the ground?

This is most likely caused by putting the driveline in too much of an angle causing the u-joints to rub against one another. Raise the tiller while in operation just enough to clear the ground.

What type of oil is in the chain case and in the gearbox?

The chain case has 00 flowable grease (Corn head grease) and the gearbox has 80-90 wt. gear lube.

How fast can I run the tiller?

It depends on the conditions, but 2-3 mph is about the right speed. You may need to slow down if you start to notice material building in front of the machine.

How do I slip the clutch?

A step by step procedure is located in the Operator’s Manual (manual can be found on Related Products Page below). It is imperative that this be done prior to operation and any time the unit has set idle.

Can I run the unit in reverse?

It is not recommended.

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