Rotary Cutters

RCB5715 Rotary Cutters

60-250 HP
The RCB5715 is Land Pride’s new heavy-duty 15' double-deck rotary cutter designed to make right-of-way and roadside maintenance a simple and efficient task and comes with 4 patented features. The RCB57 also features greaseless pivot points, endcap grease zerks, easy-off shields, and a patented sliding guard over the splitter gearbox, making maintenance easy to perform. The RCB5715 model features rephasing cylinders on the wings.
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RCB5710 Series Rotary Cutters

RCB5710 Rotary Cutter
60-250 HP
The RCB5710 Rotary Cutters are single wing mowers that are ideal for roadside mowing. The left-hand wing is replaced with a weight box on the RCB and the right-hand wing is replaced with a weight box on the RCBML models. This allows the operator to travel next to the road’s shoulder, remaining on more level ground. All the features you love from our 15-foot cutters are there too, in a 10-foot single wing model!
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SC60 Series Skid Cutters

SC60 Series Skid Cutter
Various flow req.
Kubota by Land Pride: The SC60 Skid Cutters are ideal for clearing grass, weeds, and brush. Farmers and ranchers, developers, contractors, and land owners can clear land or small trees, shrubs, bushes, and grass. Only available through Kubota Dealers.
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