TE35 Series Trip Edge Blades

TE35 Trip Edge
Kubota by Land Pride: The TE35 Series Trip Edge Blade is a construction-grade blade for contractors and landscapers alike. These units can be used for snow removal, landscaping, and other dirtworking tasks. The TE35 is available in a 96" (TE3596) or 108" (TE3510) model. Both models feature a robust 7 gauge moldboard with support bracing for rugged dependability. Only available through Kubota Dealers.
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CB10 Series Combination Bucket

CB1060 Combo Bucket
Up to 40 HP
Land Pride's Combo Bucket is specifically designed to fit compact tractors up to 40 HP. Commonly referred to as a 4-n-1, they can be used as a dozer, scraper, grapple, or bucket. The CB1060 features a universal quick attach plate, 60" width, maximum jaw opening of 28", and 3/16" side panels. The lower jaw is made from grade 80 steel to keep the bucket light but strong. The two hydraulic cylinders are rated at 3,000 PSI with a clamping pressure of 3,000 lbs at 2,250 PSI. Bucket capacity is 10 cu. ft. heaped or nearly 8 cu. ft. struck.
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AG15 Series Arena Graders

AG15 Arena Grader
18-65 HP
Land Pride's AG15 Series entry level Arena Graders are ideal for hobbyists and enthusiasts. The Cat 1 hitch is quick hitch compatible and ties into a 2" x 2" square tube frame. The end tubes are 2" x 3". The S-tines feature replaceable tips. Behind the two rows of S-tines is a five-position leveling bar to smooth the soil. The job is finished with either a pipe or mesh roller to break clods and fluff the soil. The working depth is 4" and is set by a simple ratchet handle, a Land Pride exclusive feature.
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RP30 Series Rippers

RP30 Ripper
Kubota by Land Pride: Contractors and landscapers can rip or loosen dirt, sand, and tailings at varying depths with the RP30 Ripper. Using this unit in between compaction passes will also help achieve the desired compaction rating. Only available through Kubota Dealers.
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BB30 Series Box Blades

BB30 Box Blade Studio
Kubota by Land Pride: The BB30 Box Blade allows users the option of rough or precision grading finishes. Basic grading work can be done in applications requiring a rough grade such as landscaping and initial surface prep. Precision grading can be accomplished with the addition of a laser system to accurately control site preparation and flat-work operations. This dual-plane grader will automatically lift and tilt as it moves over the ground for precision grading and is designed specifically for use with Kubota power units.
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GR15 Series Stump Grinder

GR15 Stump Grinder
25-55 HP
Land Pride's GR1525 Stump Grinder turns large stumps into small chips and has uses and applications with contractors, landscapers and forestry departments.
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GB20 Series Grapple Bucket

GB20 Grapple Bucket
Up to 135 HP
Land Pride's GB2084 is a light material Grapple Bucket specifically designed to be lighter (997 lbs.) than our larger GB25 to better match the capabilities of the Kubota M5.
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3rd Function Valves

MX 3rd Function Valve
Land Pride 3rd Function Valves are designed in conjunction with Kubota engineering to fit both ROPS and cab models.
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DH7100 Series Disc Harrows

DH7100 Disc Harrow
10': 70-90 HP; 12': 84-108 HP; 15': 105-135 HP
The DH7100 Series Disc Harrows are intended for small farms with big needs but not a big budget. This Disc Harrow is heavy-duty and has been designed with the highest pounds-per-blade weight in the industry, allowing it to penetrate the toughest soil conditions. The optional rear finishing reel breaks down clods to level the soil, a leading industry option.
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STB05 Series Snow Trip Blades

STB05 Series Snow Trip Blade
17-30 HP
Land Pride’s STB05 Series Snow Trip Blades are intended for use on Kubota BX and B01 Tractors or other sub-compact tractors with universal quick attach hitch. The STB05 has a lower profile moldboard for smaller tractors and is lighter than our STB10 Series making it more appealing for sub-compact tractor owners.
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VRS30 & VRC30 Series Vibratory Rollers

VR30 Vibratory roller
Kubota by Land Pride: The Vibratory Roller is a heavy-duty roller that allows the user to compact asphalt, soil, and aggregate and works equally well moving forward or in reverse. The VRS30 has a smooth drum and the VRC30 has a padded drum. Both models have a standard scraper to keep the drum clean. Only available through Kubota dealers.
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CSA10 Series Compact Augers

CSA10 Compact Auger
Kubota by Land Pride: The CSA10 Auger is a durable tool for digging holes for footings, fences, signs, or trees. With augers from 2" to 24", there is an auger for almost any task. The planetary drive of Land Pride’s CSA10 Auger provides both high speed and high torque digging. Additionally, the hydraulically reversible gearbox allows the auger to get out of the ground as easily as it goes in. The motor has a 2" hex output shaft and is rated at 1,775 ft/lbs at 3000 psi. This features a CII hitch.
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CSR10 Series Compact Powered Rakes

CSR10 Powered Rake
Kubota by Land Pride: The CSR10 Compact Powered Rake makes seedbed prep a breeze. With a CII hitch, direct drive, and manual or hydraulic angle, this tool is at home in a landscape setting or on a construction site. The stud roller angles 25 degrees left or right and effectively and efficiently smooths seed beds or windrows debris. Height adjustment is controlled by spacers and the roller features a bearing protector. The gauge wheels are foam filled. At 48" wide, the CSR10 makes quick work of large jobs.
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CTR10 Series Compact Trenchers

CTR10 Compact Trencher
Kubota by Land Pride: Designed for efficient digging of trenches, the CSR10 Compact Trencher is available in 30", 36", and 48" lengths. Each size has a CII hitch and is available with either a high-torque or high-speed motor. Chain options range from 4" to 10" widths and 2-cup, 4-cup, or scorpion and cup chain. The trench is cleared with a 12" spoil auger and smoothed with an optional crumber shoe. This tool is ideal for irrigation or utility contractors and make good rental tools too.
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Compact Mount for BR Series Breakers

Compact Mount for BR Breakers
Kubota by Land Pride: The Compact Mount for the BR360 and BR460 is performance matched to the Kubota SCL1000 for optimum efficiency. This unit is ideal for demolition of concrete and rock, and as a rental tool where optimum power and breaking efficiency is required.
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SA10 Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

SA10 Hydraulic Post Hole Digger
Land Pride’s new SA10 Hydraulic Post Hole Digger is well suited for sub-compact tractors with lower hydraulic flow. The SA10 features a universal quick-attach mount and cradle that can be positioned for best operator visibility. The SA10 cradle easily mounts to the frame of Land Pride’s PFL12 Pallet Fork, a unique feature for customers that already own the PFL12, eliminating the need for two hitch frames. The reverse is not true: Forks will not fit the SA10 hitch frame.
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SSG20 Series Stump Grinder

SSG20 Series Stump Grinder
Kubota by Land Pride: Versatility is the name of the game for the new Kubota by Land Pride SSG20 Stump Grinder. With a variety of mounts and hose options available, the SSG20 fits compact loaders, skid steers, and compact excavators.
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CB35 Series Combination Bucket

CB35 Series Combination Bucket
Kubota by Land Pride: The CB35 Combination Bucket is a workhorse designed for the rugged duties assigned to skid steer construction equipment. This heavy-duty bucket allows the operator to perform multiple functions with a single tool: clamp, grade, rake, doze, dig, carry, and dump are but a few.
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CB0546 Combo Buckets

CB0546 Combo Bucket
Up to 28 HP Max.
The CB0546 Combo Bucket, or 4-n-1 Bucket, allows you to dig, drag, doze, and clamp all with a single tool. This new bucket is specifically designed for Kubota BX80 Tractors and increasse the versatility of the front loader. A unique, patent-pending, single cylinder design keeps the weight down and allows the buckets to mount to the 2-lever quick attach plate on the tractor loader. It features a single 2.5 x 6 cylinder, greaseable jaw pivot points, 30” jaw opening, and 3 hardened cutting edges.
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CB0654 Combo Buckets

CB0654 Combo Bucket
Up to 39 HP Max.
The CB0654 Combo Bucket, or 4-n-1 Bucket, allows you to dig, drag, doze, and clamp all with a single tool. These new buckets are specifically designed for Kubota B01 Tractor and increase the versatility of the front loader. It features a single 2.5 x 6 cylinder, greaseable jaw pivot points, 30” jaw opening, and 3 hardened cutting edges. The CB0654 – for the B01 Series of tractors – is 55.5” wide, weighs just 290 lbs., and has a heaped capacity of 8.5 cu. ft. The low overall weight of these units means that the lifting capacity of the loader is not greatly diminished.
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