• LR05 Series Landscape Rakes

LR05 Series Landscape Rakes

LR05 Series Landscape Rakes

Available Models

LR0548, LR0560


The Land Pride LR05 Series Landscape Rakes are perfectly suited for light-duty use by landscapers and rental yards with applications at housing projects, golf courses, terracing sites, run-off control projects and restoration sites to perform final soil surface preparation and reshaping soil and/or aggregate profile. Optional dual gauge wheels are also available to enable a more consistent finish over uneven or undulating terrain.

Features and Benefits

Cat. 0 with Cat. 1 pins Fits smaller tractors with Cat. 0 hitch.
Retractable Parking Stand Keeps the frame off the ground and makes hook-up easier.
Rake teeth support channel Design with channel support. This design supports the rake teeth better than competitor models. Prevents teeth entanglement and keeps attachment hardware from working loose.
1/4’ x 3/4" High carbon spring steel teeth Sized to eliminates premature bending and tooth breakage. Constructed of materials that have “memory” to spring back to shape.
Individual Replaceable teeth Makes replacing a damaged tooth quick and easy without removing all of the teeth.
5 Forward angles Vary how much material to move.
Optional Dual Gauge Wheels Ease of depth control and provides attachments for a grader blade.

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Operator's Manual

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Parts Manual

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Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
Rake Teeth: Considered wear items

See complete Warranty Statement below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Is there a flip down blade option?

No - we do not offer a flip down blade on the 05 Series. 

Can I replace just one tooth?

Yes, If one tooth becomes damaged you can easily remove one tooth and replace it. 

Product Literature

Download product literature here:  lit_lr05.pdf