• BB45 Series Drag Scrapers

BB45 Series Drag Scrapers

BB45 Series Drag Scrapers

Available Models

BB4596, BB4510, BB4512


Land Pride BB45 Series Pull-Type Drag Scrapers, with standard fixed axle or optional tilt axle, are ideal for moving large quantities of material, leveling, and finish grading. Scrapers with the optional tilt axle can do everything the standard axle does, as well as remove material on an angle for sloping, terracing and ditching. Material can be transferred by dragging it to nearby locations and raising the scraper to deposit the load. Surfaces can be graded and leveled by scraping material from high areas and allowing accumulated material to flow under the grader blade in to lower areas.

Features and Benefits

4 x 4 Square tube cross beam Square tubing is structurally strong. Helps keep the Drag Scraper square.
3/8" Heavy side panels with angle reinforcement on the diagonal Built heavy to handle tough jobs and to keep the side panels straight under side loads.
1/4" Formed moldboard with internal brace bars and 3" x 3" x 3/8" angle reinforcement at the cutting edge Formed moldboard helps keeps materials flowing, decreases drag, lowers horsepower requirements, and speeds up work. Brace bars extending from crossbeams to lower moldboard keep the moldboard straight under heavy loads. Angle reinforcement at the cutting edge helps keep the cutting edge straight.
Side Panels have vertical gussets at the front Vertical gussets help keep the panels straight vertically under side loads.
1/2’ x 6" Heat-treated, reversible and replaceable cutting blade Heat-treated high carbon steel for hardness giving the cutting blade long life. Reversible so both edges can be used before replacing the cutting blades.
24" High Moldboard and side panels Has a high material capacity for doing a lot of work in a short time. BB4510 = 2 1/4 cu. yd. capacity and BB4512 = 2 3/4 cu. yd. capacity
5" Maximum cutting depth Can load the bucket quickly.
21" Dump clearance Capable of dumping a lot of material quickly.
Optional tilt with blade drop on the right side blade point BB4510 with 7 5/8" blade drop and BB4512 with 8 1/4" blade drop. Capable of making deep angle cuts in one pass.
Optional weight tray Weight tray can be filled with 760 lbs. of concrete to help force the cutting blade into the material.


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Operator's Manual

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Parts Manual

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Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
Hydraulic Cylinder: One year Parts and Labor.
Hoses and seals: Considered wear items.
Grader Blade: Considered wear item.

See complete Warranty Statement below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

What do I need to add weight to my BB45 Drag Scraper?

The Optional Weight Box Assembly can be filled with concrete for added soil penetration.

Product Literature

Download product literature here:  lit_bb45.pdf