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  • CA15 Core Aerators

CA15 Series Core Aerators

CA15 Series Core Aerator

Available Models

CA1548, CA1556, CA1564, CA1572


The Land Pride CA15 Series Core Aerators relieve soil compaction and allow air circulation in grassy surfaces such as lawns, soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields, municipal parks and golf course fairways. They utilize replaceable hardened spring steel spoons mounted on rotating discs. Pulled cores are deposited on the surface for subsequent drying, pulverization or removal. Weight can be added to the weight tray to help achieve maximum spoon penetration.

When your turf begins to suffer the effects of compaction and wear, such as shallow root zones, thatch build-up, worn pathways, compacted soil, poor surface percolation, or water stands, a Land Pride CA15 Series Core Aerator will provide immediate seasonal relief.

Features and Benefits

Formed 10 Ga. mainframe and rotary supports Formed 10 Ga. plates offers good strength and appearance.
Expanded metal in weight tray Adds safety over spoon area, doesn’t allow foreign weight object to fall into spoon area, keeps cores from being thrown forward.
16 Ga. x 1/2” I.D. harden spring steel spoons with beveled edge Penetrates the ground easier than spoons constructed of a heavier gauge material and/or larger diameter bodies.
Individual Spoon Replacement Requires removal of only two bolts to replace a worn-out spoon. Don’t have to disassemble the whole rotary section to get to the spoons.
4 1/2” Gang spacing Offers optimum core pulling pattern.
Spoon gangs Spoon gangs are independent of each other allowing for less side load torque on each gang and tearing of the turf during turns.
Spoon gang greasing Each gang has a grease zerk for smooth rotation.
3 - Storage stands Keeps the spoons off the ground while in storage and aids in hooking-up to the tractor.
6 3/16’ Spoon spacing – forward travel Offers optimum aeration.
48” = 4.5 Aeration cores per sq. ft.; 56” = 4.7 Aeration cores per Sq. ft.; 64” = 4.8 Aeration cores per Sq. ft.; 72” = 5.0 Aeration cores per Sq. ft. Provides good aeration per square foot.
Weight tray Additional weight can be easily added to the aerator.


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Operator's Manual

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Parts Manual

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Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
Spoons: Considered wear items

See complete Warranty Statement below.

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Download the full Product Warranty here:  325-091w.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Why will the spoons not go into the ground?

This could be multiple things.  One the ground could be too hard, you may need to add weight to the unit.  Two your spoons could be plugged up do to not cleaning properly.  Three the ground may not have enough moisture in it.  

My spoons are bending, what is causing that?

Do not turn with the core aerator in the ground.  This puts too much stress on the spoon and they will bend.  

Can I get water tanks for this unit?

No, the water tanks are only for the CA25 series unit.  

Product Literature

Download product literature here:  lit_ca15.pdf