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PS15 Series Primary Seeders

PS15 Series Primary Seeders

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The PS1572 Primary Seeder is perfect for the hometown landscaper to do lawns, community parks and areas between the curb and sidewalk. They also perform better than larger models in areas where light moguls, undulations and depressions exist. The main seedbox is equipped with our standard fluted seed cups and agitation to seed most turf type grasses, as well as a variety of other seeds from peas to alfalfa.

Features and Benefits

Cat. 1 Hitch Fits Land Pride Quick-Hitch for easy one person hook-up to tractor.
70 1/2" Seeding width Perfect size for landscape market. Sized for smaller areas such as between the curb and sidewalk or the new community park.
Approximate machine weight 1,165 lbs. Heavy weight helps seed to soil contact.
Lift hooks Lift hooks on each side of the seedbox to attach chain or strap to for easy loading and unloading.
Heavy-duty lids with stay open support Lids are precision fit to keep seeds dry and rodents out and they won’t buckle or slam shut in high winds.
Seed splash guard Seedbox lid has a guard to prevent seed from being spilled between lid and box.
Water tight Seedbox All-welded seedbox construction. Keeps moisture out of the seedbox.
Easy seed box clean out Seed flute is designed for easy clean out. Simply move the flute lever into the clean out position and all seeds will be removed.
Large seedbox capacity One bushel per foot. Keeps filling to a minimum and increases productivity.
Grass seed cups Grass seed model uses 10 proven fluted seed cups for accurate seed rates.
Seed box agitator Eliminates bridging of seed.
Powdered metal in fluted sprockets Helps dissipate heat from the fluted area and plastic seed cup housing.
Wind guarded seed drop Protects the seed from being blown away by windy conditions. Ensures constant placement of seed across the whole width of the machine.
Seed rate adjustment Easy adjustment of seed rates. Lever position is located on seed rate chart.
Seed rate decal Positioned on lid. Easy access to seed rate information.
High/Low seed settings Easy adjustment on sprocket arrangement on seed cup drive. This allows for a very broad range of seed settings.
Ground driven metering Front packer rollers are in constant contact with the ground to ensure consistent metering of seed. Seed metering stops automatically when front packer is raised off the ground.
Cast iron front packer rollers 12” diameter front rings and 9 1/2” diameter rear rings are used to crush the clods and pack the seed in to promote seed to soil contact.
Spring mounted rear packer rollers Rear packer rollers are spring loaded for additional down pressure, and to stay in contact with the ground.
Tire track removers Coil spring tine track removers keep their shape; one on 48” model, two on 72” model allows tractor tire(s) to be scratched out. Additional track removers can be added.
#40 Roller chain All drives utilize #40 roller chain for smooth running.
Spring loaded chain idler Spring loaded idler keeps constant pressure on chain so seeding rate is consistent.

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Operator's Manual

Download a PDF of the Operator's Manual here:  313-164m.pdf

Parts Manual

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Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
Packer Rollers: Considered wear items

See complete Warranty Statement below.

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Download the full Product Warranty here:  313-164w.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Why are my seed Cups melting?

The manual states to never place the Seed rate adjustment lever below 5%.

How do I slow the rate down enough for my seed?

The Small Seed box is an Option that will apply low seed rates with small seeds.

How do I calibrate the unit to set seed rates?

Look at the seed rate chart or follow the calibration instructions located in the manual.

Do I need a separate box to plant native or fluffy seed?

Yes. Some units have native grass options and that requires a separate box and feeder cup system.

Can I run the drill in the ground in reverse?

Only Pull forward, Reverse may result in damage to the unit.

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Product Literature

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